6 Simple Seasonal Decor Tips

I love Fall. The change in temperature and color sets the tone for sweater weather, cozy fires and early evenings with family and friends.  To me it’s the most beautiful time of the year.  As seasons change, so does my decor. I try to keep it simple yet showcase the colors and themes of the time of the year.

Here are my 6 simple tips for keeping your year round decor seasonal and simple:

    1. Keep a good base of  “move-able” furniture in each room. These pieces can work well in many rooms and are easily relocated from space to space.  My move-able pieces include; book cases, sofa, side, entry and coffee tables, occasional chairs and small benches.
    2. Invest in  “staple” accessory pieces that work year round.  Think about serving trays, baskets, iron vessels, pots, big bowls, framed mirrors, chunky candles and candle sticks that can be decorated, moved and utilized for use in multiple  rooms.
    3. Keep “blend”able colors, styles and textures in mind when selecting accessory pieces. Varying hues of browns, golds, greens, blacks (include grey & white here) and reds seem to work best in most decor schemes. Wood, iron, natural reed, glass, bamboo and many other textures should be considered when selecting pieces. Mixing and matching eclectic styles is always in! You CAN mix your grandmother’s antique sewing table with a modern lamp!
    4. When you keep a staple pieces that can work double duty it’s simply a matter of removing the past season’s decor from these pieces and replacing and re purposing  with the current changing season’s versions.
    5. Don’t go for the “cookie cutter” look you’ll find in your local major home furnishings and accessory stores. While they’re great for getting ideas & filling in, think outside the box and create a style that is all your own.

    6. fall-flowers-decor_2
      Bring the outdoors in! From the changing leaves to bare branches, you can use what you find in your own garden or on your daily walk for decorating pieces. Osage Oranges, pine cones, beach sand, shells, seeds, tall grasses, leaves and dried berries (make sure they’re non-toxic to people & pets) make wonderful additions to your seasonal decor. Get creative but most of all enjoy yourself and have fun creating your seasonal landscape.