A staged room transformation through the eyes of a home stager.

A recent home staging client had completed some of the staging recommendations we had discussed during our initial 2 hour home staging consultation . In fact when he called to confirm further home staging services for his Stonebridge Ranch, Mckinney, TX home with Home Star Staging he asked if I could reduce the rate based on the amount of work he did. From what he told me, I was able to estimate an hour less of time to complete our portion of it. I was very happy that he felt motivated and empowered to do some of the work prior to our staging appointment and he, as many home sellers are today, was on a budget.

Using almost 95% of the seller’s own furnishings (no furniture rental required!), Home Star Staging offset those items with a few budget friendly accessories from our inventory. He kindly left us to our work and when he came home he returned to a very different house!


After taking a tour of his newly transformed home he admitted that before I came he thought,

 I didn’t know what else you could really do since I’d already done a lot.”

With our team we actually did a lot MORE than he realized we could or would.  

It was a classic furniture and decor swap from different rooms of the house.

After seeing the transformation my client said,

Now I know you know what you’re doing and why staging is important!”.

That just made my day!

I explained to him that I understood his feelings and I was grateful that he called us back.  During the staging consultation I try to provide every detail I can to help a client stage a home themselves if they choose however once we’re onsite to complete the plan, staging can evolve and becomes an organic process, and often things will change from what was originally planned. The work he had done was great, but it was not staging.

Seeing a home through the eyes of a home stager is much different than someone who is not and even with recommendations to work from it often takes the skill and talent of a professional to do the job right.

As I was about to leave one final question came from my client, he wanted to know once he moved if we could come and do this at his new place…of course!!