An Experienced Dallas Home Stager Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

Dallas Home Stager

Project Description

One of our recent jobs was right in the heart of downtown Dallas.  With such an attractive and hip location, this two bedroom condo should be a breeze to sell.  After all, it has breathtaking views, gorgeous kitchen, and luxurious bathrooms. But it’s not always as easy as we’d like! A Dallas home stager can help.

Staging Helps Buyers Feel at Home

What if this expertly staged home was instead a typical vacant apartment. Vacant homes can pose a challenge for prospective buyers. They can’t “see” themselves in the home.  The reasons for this can vary. Buyers may not be able to see how a space is used . Or they may think their furniture won’t fit in a space. A vacant home can be a difficult home for Realtors® to sell. So if you have a vacant listing in the greater DFW area, why not use a Dallas home stager to help bring life to it?

Add Organic Elements to Add Warmth.

A luxury condo such as this begs to be sold quickly at or above asking price. Without the organic accents provided by the cow-patterned chairs,  greenery and wood, this condo may be too cold and modern for some interested parties, turning off prospective buyers! Home staging addresses negatives and accentuates positives.  The result?  Increased showings, which can result in a quicker sale at above asking price.

That’s exactly the goal of a Dallas home stager: to help get the best price for the seller and Realtor® while at the same time reducing the time it takes to make the sale.

Staging Helps Sell Your Home Stand Out!

With so many new properties being built, a Dallas home stager can help your property stand out in a competitive market place. Not only can an investment in staging increase viewings, it’s less expensive than taking a price cut. 

Home Star Staging has been helping Reatlors and homeowners sell their homes for more than a decade.  We specialize in vacant properties. So why not contact us and let one of the top Dallas home stagers help you sell yours today!

Project Details

  • Client Realtor in the DFW Area
  • Date January 2017
  • Tags Dallas Home Staging
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