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Flipping Houses in DFW

If you’re flipping houses for a living or just part time to make a little extra income, you may not have thought about staging your properties. But staging your properties can make a real difference in the speed of the sale and the ultimate sale price.  That’s because home staging shows off vacant properties.  It helps your properties stand out among other MLS listings and drive more showings.

And you don’t have to do a lot–or spend a lot–to help the prospective buyer feel right a home and fall in love with your listing.  In fact, our investors have found a minimal investment in staging can pay big dividends through multiple offers that often result in a sale 10 percent or more above the original asking price.

This cute three bedroom, one bath bungalow in DFW was fully updated.  The home investor updated the flooring, increased ceiling height and modernized the kitchen with a granite counter, new cabinetry, and pendant lighting.  Terrific improvements.  A minimal home staging package was all that was needed to show off the updates.  Light staging was all that was needed to show off keys areas of the home: the living area, breakfast area, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Just a little furniture and faux flat screen enables the prospective buyer to see how the living space can be used for entertaining.  We used a simple place setting that highlighted the pendant lighting along with a couple saddle seat bar stools to highlight a functional bar for a quick meal.  A couple cook books and a series of three faux greenery accompanied the counter to make it more “homey.”  A simple four seat table setting set the scene for the breakfast nook.  We used a queen bed in the master bedroom to assure the prospective buyer that the room can indeed fit a queen size bed comfortably.  Lastly, the bathroom was staged with a few functional items that fit with original fixtures.

This minimal investment paid big dividends for this real estate investing gem.  The real estate investor received an offer within 3 days of putting it on the market.  A home stager should be part of your flipping houses team.  We understand the needs of real estate investors who make a living flipping houses.  So before you flip your next house, contact us for an estimate.

Project Details

  • Client Private Real Estate Investor
  • Date May 2015
  • Tags Ft. Worth Staging, Investor, Investor Home Staging, Investor(Light), Light, Vacant

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