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Staging Homes for Sale in Dallas.

If you’re a Dallas Realtor®, you may think staging your homes for sale in Dallas is unnecessary in today’s real estate market.  After all, the Dallas real estate market is red hot! But staging your listing can still play a part in your real estate marketing plan. In fact, one of the most important functions of home staging is showing the prospective buyer how spaces can be used.  This is especially important when you’re showing vacant properties.  And you don’t have to do a lot–or spend a lot–to help the prospective buyer fell right a home and fall in love with your listing.

This two story, two bedroom, one and a half bath townhome in Uptown Dallas, TX was staged lightly to show off keys areas of the home: the living area, the dining area, the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. Just a little furniture and faux flat screen enables the prospective buyer to see how the living space can be used for entertaining.  A pub table with artwork sets apart the dining area from the rest of the room.  We used a queen bed in the upstairs bedroom to assure the prospective buyer that the room can indeed fit a queen size bed comfortably.  As for the kitchen, only a couple cook books and a tray with coffee cups were needed to convey functionality.  A series of three faux greenery and a vintage wire basket filled with faux vegetables help make it a little more “homey.”  Lastly, the bathrooms was staged with a few functional items that fit with original fixtures.

So as you can see, not only can home staging help your listings stand out online, it can help the prospective buyer “see” herself in the house once she arrives for the showing.  Home staging is more affordable than you may think.  Before listing any of your homes for sale in Dallas, contact us for an estimate.

Project Details

  • Client Harvey McLean & Associates
  • Date January 2015
  • Tags Dallas Home Staging, Investor Home Staging, Investor(Light), Light Staging, Vacant

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