Why stage homes for sale in Dallas in a seller’s market?

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Why stage homes for sale in Dallas in a seller’s market?

In today’s hot real estate market, you might think that you don’t have to stage your home or listing.  After all homes for sale in Dallas and the surrounding areas are moving fast.

Consistently, though, staged homes have proven to sell faster and at higher comparable prices than non-staged homes—even in a hot real estate market such as today’s.

One reason is that staged homes not only show better in person, they show better online!  According to the National Association of REALTORS®, over 90% of homebuyers are shopping for homes online with more shopping on the go with their mobile devices. With only one chance to make a first impression, your home can be eliminated from their list simply be the online presentation.  Staging will help your listing outshine the rest.

One of the homes for sale in Dallas that we’ve recently staged, this spacious modern home with its open floor plan and clean lines is a work of art architecturally speaking.  However, sometimes all that “openness” poses a challenge for shoppers—especially online.  Despite its beauty, online shoppers might find it challenging to determine the size and scale of the space.  They might wonder how the space could be used or how their own furniture would look in it.

Staging provides the answer.  When a home is staged, space use is suggested and scale is defined and a lifestyle is envisioned.

Homebuyers shop with their hearts and minds and are looking for a home that suits their lifestyle.  For this higher-end modern home in a trendy Dallas neighborhood, we layered luxurious accessories from Global Views and Wisteria with organic accents throughout to warm the architecture’s man-made materials.  The high-tech kitchen was matched with modern but minimalistic touches. The master bedroom was staged to demonstrate its dual functionality—a space for relaxing, and one for recuperation.

Whether you’re a Realtor®, a professional real estate investor, or a home owner beginning to think about selling your home, you know that homes for sale in Dallas are moving fast.  But that doesn’t mean home staging can’t help you sell your home faster and for more money by showing it in its best light online. Contact us for an estimate.

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  • Date June 2016
  • Tags Dallas Home Staging, Full Staging, Realtor Home Staging
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